The Pooper Scooper Revolution!
Made in the USA from recycled material.  US Patent #D533689S

Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that I love using the Doody Digger! I was concerned how it would work on the small river rock. No problem! The clever design of the tip makes it easy to pick up the doody and leave the decorative rocks! I will be recommending this to everyone! Thank you so much for this wonderful product!
Katherine from Mesa, Arizona

I live in Florida where the grass is so deep the poop just drops through to the bottom. There are no pooper scoopers on the market that have worked except the Doody Digger™. Where were you years ago?
Derek from Orlando

We previously cleaned up our yard with a plastic pail and a scoop. Bending over everytime to pick up a pile. With the Doody Digger™, there is no bending over and it deposits the waste directly into a bag. In fact, now our 11 year old daughter volunteers to clean up the yard.
Ted & Joyce from Las Vegas
Kudos on a great invention. I saw my neighbor using one, and I had to go ask about it. I hope you never stop selling them; they are 10x better than any other scoop I've used!
Okina from Wisconsin

I love your product! It is the best, cleanest, and most unique product that I have seen. I have 5 dogs myself, and this product is a godsend! I would like to carry it in my store.
Mike from Pennsylvania

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