The Pooper Scooper Revolution!
Made in the USA from recycled material.  US Patent #D533689S

Finally, one that really works!

As a lifelong dog lover and dog owner, I have always dreaded the chore of picking up dog poop. I tried many of the scoops on the market, and even ruined some perfectly good gardening tools in an effort to find the easiest, least offensive way of keeping my yard clean. Some broke, while others tore up my lawn and still didn’t get the hard to reach poop. I thought, "There must be a better way!" My frustrations inspired me to invent the Doody Digger™.

The Doody Digger™ enables you to pick up poop and bag it at the same time with one simple motion and no bending! The patented design not only digs the poop out of the grass effectively, but also keeps your nose far from the smell. It's incredibly lightweight (only 1.5lbs). The Doody Digger™ is perfect for people of all heights and ages. It's also easy to clean and store! Heck, my wife doesn't even mind using it, and the kids actually have fun picking up poop! So check out my Doody Digger™. It really works, and I know you'll love it!

- Keith, Inventor of the Doody Digger™

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